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Gallo, Carmine Talk Like TED: The 9 public speaking secret of the world's top minds

Gallo, Carmine  Talk Like TED: The 9 public speaking secret of the world's top minds


Websites  p 70
Dr. Jill  neuroanatomical transformation and teenage brain 87
@TEDquote 154

What is our story? 61

Guber, Peter 66 Tell to win--Winning the story wars
Sach, onah 63
Palmer, Amanda 76 blog on making ted talk
Stevenson, Bryan  TED talk
Powell, Colin it worked for me
May, Matthew The laws of subtraction 189


“I’m a learning machine and this is the place to learn”--Tony Robbins 2006 TED talk

TED talks to watch
Bryan Stephenson
David Christian

Organize TEDx Event--2015-16 Matt Kemper

#1 Unleash the Master Within
17  passion is contagious--

34--Howard Friedman longevity Project charisma can be learned

37 passionate people smile a lot, are positive and enthusiastic

39 Passion the person has for own growth is most important thing.

#2 Master the art of storytelling
Bryan Stevenson
49 Dale Carnegie

48-9 logos, ethos, pathos

61 What is our story?

63 jonah sachs definition of story--

65 Gladwell, “In embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a surer way to true happiness.”

Telling stories is the virtual equivalent of taking people on a field trip, helping them to experience the content at a much more profound level.

Peter Guber  Tell to Win buy cheap objects from thrift stores, write a story around the object and sell on ebay.

71 Vonnegut’s story chart--give the reader at least one character to root for

73 Recipe for great characters--a passionate heart--mavericks, dissidents, outsiders, rebels who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks.

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century

stories illustrate, illuminate, inspire

#3 Have a conversation

Don’t fake it until you make it, fake it until you become it.

76-78 Amanda Palmer’s blogpost about her TED talk “The Art of Asking

be authentic--find right words to tell how you feel about the topic,
deliver words for max. impact
practice having a conversation so you can focus on your story.

3 steps to craft a wonderful presentation

1. Help with planning--talk with people who know you best
watch out for the “curse of knowledge” give big picture

2. Early feedback--read out loud in front of other people

3. Rehearse a lot in front of anyone who will listen

81 Elements of verbal delivery

Rate: speed at which you speak

Volume: loudness of softness

Pitch: high or low

Pauses: short pauses to punch key words--the verbal equivalent of a highlighter

82  Pace--150-160 words per minute--slighly slower than casual conversation--give people time to think

90 Great leaders

strong eye contact
firm handshake
speak concisely and precisely
remain calm--don’t get flustered
use open gestures--palms up or open and hands apart

98 Gestures
use sparingly--be natural don’t think about what gesture to make

use at key moments--expansive gestures for key moments

keep gestures (and eye gaze) within power sphere--circle from top of eyes to tips of outstretched hands to belly button

hands below the belly button lack energy and confidence

use complex gestures above the waist to give sense of confidence

to make ideas sell better
use “eager nonverbals”:  
1. animated. broad, open movements
2. hand movements projected outward
3. forward leaning

112 teaching 2 jobs--1 to teach 2 to recruit everyone in the classroom to join the pursuit of truth

#4 Teach me something new

115 “learning is addictive because it is joyful” Peter Gabriel

“Babies are born with a deep desire to understand the world around them and an incessant curiosity that compels the to aggressively explore it.” John Medina molecular biologist U Dub med

116 brain “save button”
dopamine-- when it is present we remember, if not it doesn’t stick

how do i increase dopamine? make info new and exciting

123-125 Susan Cain  “zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas”

introverts are needed and so are the things they carry

explore outside of your field bombard the brain with new experiences

great conversations take you to places you had never considered

131 before presentation--What is one thing I want people to take away? one thing for them to know? keep to under 140 characters--”twitter friendly”

133 well crafted headline--id product, service or cause and what makes it unique

people want to experience, engage to endeavor

inspiration and growth come from being uncomfortable “pain = memories”

#5 Deliver jaw droppiing moments

138-9 plan story first--use senses

140 dopamine=post it note

#6 Lighten up
humor--if not good at telling jokes, tell stories from someone eise or show funny, apporpriate video

PArt II Memorable

#7 Stick to the 18 minute rule

184 college students who listened to info knowing test is coming grew more anxious until took test

187 brain cells use twice as much energy as other cells

mental activity depletes glucose

188 creativity thrives under constraints

191 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  Leonardo da Vinci

“our life is frittered away by detail, Simplify, simplify.”  Thoreau

1. Attitude 2 choices when facing “bumps in the road”  1 gloom and doom, 2 grieve, then face the future” great future = choose number 2

2. Awareness Listen to your inner 3 year old--remember you saw everything for the first time once

3. Authenticity--being cool with you, follow your heart, put yourself in places you love, meet people you enjoy talking to

people want to be taught something new and don’t want to wait too long to learn it

198 Message map
1. Twitter friendly headline

2. support the headline with 3 main messages

3. reinforce three messages with stories, statistics, and examples

200 mesage map template

#8 Paint a Mental picture with multisensory experiences

203 water not emotional unless you don’t have it

204 brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things--dopamine

206  stimulate senses without physically touching the audience-if you can imagine how water smells or tastes it activates same areas of the brain as if you actually touched it.

210-11 Avg powerpoint has 40 words per slide

try to take 10+ slides to reach 40 words total

213 multitasking is a myth--John Medina, molecular biologist U Dub school of medicine

picture superiority effect--pictures are better than words duh

#9 stay in your lane
be authentic, open and transparent--people can spot a phony

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