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Pink, Daniel To Sell is Human

Pink D. H. To Sell is human

123  rejection generator project
149  beth kantor org/content-curation-101
82 20 slides 20 seconds each

145 Pantalon, Michael Instant Influence
118  Barbara Fredrickson  Positivity: Top-Notch Research Reveals the 3 to 1 Ratio that will change your life
120 SEligman, Martin, Learned Optimism: How to change your mind and your life
195 Fischer, Roger  Getting to Yes--influential book about negotiation

118  3 to 1
117 "Can I build it?"
132 problem ID
147-8  Irrational questions

Part One Rebirth of a Salesman
Ch 1 We're All in sales Now
Ch2 Entrepreneurship, Elasticity and Ed-Med
26 Pixar pitch  short summary of point trying to make in narrative structure of pixar movie--once upon  a time...

32 Atlassian  Seth Godin or Pink Drive connection--everyone is a sales person

Ch 3 From Caveat Emptor to Caveat Venditor
Part Two: How to Be
Ch 4 Attunement
68  A,B,C Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity

69 E test  with dominant hand draw  capital e on your forehead.  If you draw it  so that you can read it vs so the other person can read it--tells how we perceive a situation when we first encounter it. Do we step outside of our selves or do we only see things from our perspective?

71 increase power by reducing it 2 groups 1 group did series of exercies that  increased feelings of power other did exercises to emphasize their lack of pwer. high power drew self oriented E than other E

73 Empathsizers struck many more deals than powerful group perspective takers did even better  76% made a deal that worked well for both sides

74  Taking the perspective of the opponent produced greatest gains

75  Influence  waiters  "having eyes" or "reading a table"allows a server to quickly figure out group dynamics--"social cartography" -- size up a situation and draw a map as to how people are related.

76 Mimic strategically--subtly mimic body language do not make it obvious so the other person notices what you are doing also don't concentrate on it to the point where you lose track of what the other person is saying

87  Where are you from?  conversation starter

88 Practice strategic mimicry--Seth godin new book canary Icarus Deception--Watch, wait, mimic, wane

91  Conversation with a time traveler--talk to people and ask them to think of items that people from 300 years ago would not recognize. Split into pairs 1 person is a person from the 1700s other person is current and has to explain the item, and its use.

94 Mirror, Mirror
    partners--stand face to face for 30 seconds, turn around so you are back to back
     When turn back around, one person changes one thing
      turn back around and see if you or partner can tell what changed
     repeat 2x with same person.

95 Robert Cialdini  connection to Influence--people most likely to be persuaded by people whom we like and are like us

Ch 5 Buoyancy

101 "can we fix it?" most effective self talk is asking questions--1st Interrogative elicits answers--2 nd people more likely to act when motivation comes from intrinsic rather than extrinsic

104 Positivity--people who hear positive inflected pitch were twice as likely to accept the deal as those who heard a neg

106  Neg emotions help us see trees pos help us see forests

       You have to believe in the product you are selling--believing leader to deeper understanding allow you to have better match with what others need
        Inserting mild profanity like "damn" into speech increases persuasiveness and increases listeners perception of speaker's intensity.  

107  3 to 1 positive comments to negative

     Positive emotions--amusement, awe, compassion, contentment, gratitude, hope, interest, joy, love, pride, and sexual desire.
     Negative emotions--anger, contempt, disgust, embarrassment, fear, guilt, sadness, and shame

109  Martin Seligman  positive psychology

117  Pose question  can I do it?  list 5 reasons why the answer is yes. Reasons will remind of strategies you'll need to be effective on the task. Q 2

118  Barbara Fredrickson  

119  Bad events happen--Q1 Is this permanent?  Q2 Is this pervasive?  Q3  Is this personal?

122 Send yourself a rejection letter

Ch6 Clarity

129 Discovery and creation of problems sets creative person apart
      Sort through vast amounts of info from multiple disciplines experiment with different approaches and be willing to switch directions in the course of a project

130 problem solving--buying a new vacuum problem

132 superintendents ranked problem finding #1 employers ranked it #8  
      Curating data--sorting through massive amounts of data and presenting most relevant parts to others
      Asking questions--uncovering possibilities finding unexpected problems

134  Cialdini the contrast principle--we understand something better when we see it compared with something rather than in isolation--Most essential question--compared to what?

   146   Q1   On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 meaning low 10 meaning high how ready are you to...
      Q2   Why didn't you pick a lower number?  cialdini commitment and consistency

147  Curator--Curate media
  • seek list sources of info & set aside time to scan sources 15 minutes daily
  • sense  create meaning from what you have  put together--make annotated list of web links, blog
  • share--collect, organize in meaningful way, share
149 Make Just 1 change ask better questions

150 5 Whys to find out what kind of problem someone has, ask why. In response to the answer ask a why question again and again until 5 questions are asked--forces people to really look at reasons for behavior and attitudes

152  1%  it is the essence of what you are exploring--Understand the 1% and be able to explain it to others is the hallmark of strong minds " Ask yourself, 'What is the one percent?' If you can answer and explain it to others they are likely to be moved."

Part Three  What to Do

Chapter 7  Pitch
158  people pitching idea made those catching idea think it was their idea--purpose of the pitch isn't to move others to adopt your idea it is to offer something so compelling that is begins a conversation

159  typical American hears or reads more than 100,000 words/day

160 one word pitch-- when anybody thinks of you they say that word  Obama's 2012 campaign slogan  "Forward"

161 Question pitch --questions can outperform statements in persuading others when underlying arguments are strong

164 rhyming pitch --if it doesn't fit you must acquit

165 Email subject line pitch--1. useful 2. curious

168 twitter pitch--sell in 140 characters
177 Practice pitches
183  three words that come to mind in response to What am/is ____________about?  

191  Listen to others--wait to respond--offers come in all kinds of sizes--shut up and listen for them to arrive
"good improvisers seem telepathic:everything looks prearranged. This is because they accept all offers made,"

193  Instead of "yes, but"  say "yes, and"  

195  win-win

197 Controversial topic--"I'm Curious" 2 people
      each person chooses a side and try to convince the other person of your point of view. The other person must respond, but only with questions. No yes/no questions. If your partner violates rule, ring a bell to announce violation to the class

216 purposeful  We assume human beings motivated by self interest--research shows people do things for "self-transcending" reasons. We should be accessing others innate desire to serve. ---example poor people voting republican

218  5 minutes of reading stories of people inspired--  doubled production--

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